Park & Trail Users:

Join us in our quest to help land managers keep our public land safe, clean, and enjoyable.

If you love the wonderful system of parks, trails, and open spaces that have been reserved for recreation and preservation then ParkWatchReport is your ticket to the ultimate in stewardship.

Park rangers and wardens need your “eyes and ears” to alert them to circumstances and conditions that you observe and are concerned about.

Here’s how ParkWatchReport connects you to the local land manager:

Let’s say you find a…

  • drinking fountain leaking water
  • restroom that needs service
  • fallen tree blocking the trail
  • fire or other safety hazard
  • trail being used illegally or dangerously
  • wall defaced by new graffiti

What can you do?

1. Download the ParkWatchReport app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play
2. Open the app and click on File a Report
3. Fill in the pertinent information (include photos)
4. Identify your exact location by clicking on “Locate Me”
5. Click on Submit Incident Report
6. You have just alerted the local land manager and done your part as a conscious steward
Now what?

Your report is assigned an incident number and that number is shared with you in a subsequent email. If you would like to follow up on the condition that you reported use this number to reference it.

What’s more…

Your favorite park is now posting events, alerts and general news on ParkWatchReport so you always have this information at your fingertips. Your park is proud to provide all types of new information on trails, points of interest, educational opportunities and everything else that makes your recreational experience rewarding.

If you have a smart phone, Android tablet, iPad or desktop computer you are now officially “on the job” each time you put down your hiking boot, tennis shoe, bike tire or hoof print in any park anywhere and your participation is appreciated.

Favorite park not listed yet on ParkWatchReport? Don’t despair. Use the “contact us” form and let us know who is missing. Sign up for our newsletter and watch us as we grow and blog about new parks, app upgrades and the adventures of “Parker”, our owl mascot and app icon.

Land Managers:

Consider how many phone calls, faxes, emails, texts, and “visitors” who want to inform you of a new splash of graffiti, a mountain lion or rattlesnake sighting, tree down, strewn litter, dogs off leash, wasp or beehives, etc., etc?

What if this chaos could be quietly channeled into a comprehensive reporting system and delivered to you in real time with photos of the tree, litter, hive and graffiti? Further… imagine the luxury of being able to download the text of these emails into reports that you can sort, save, forward, and customize at will.

Now imagine being able to organize your response to these reports, prioritize them, and initiate appropriate action without a single phone call, text, fax or email. Not one extra minute of your staff’s time has been taken… And that pile of assorted messages have disappeared from your desk!

You have just experienced the first of the benefits available through ParkWatchReport!

You can also add news, events, alerts and maps with trails and boundaries.

If you’re responsible for managing recreation areas, trails, or parks and you’d like to simplify your life, create data-driven actionable reports, and improve the experience for users,  contact us for a demo, today.


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