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New feature for Admins: Assign Tasks to Volunteers, Vendors, Agencies and Staff

We’ve added several new Roles for Users. Now, along with Registered Users and Admin Users, we’ve added Volunteers and Vendors, which can be assigned Tasks, External Agencies, who can be assigned Reports via Tasks, and Staff who can do most of

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Mount Tamalpais now in ParkWatchReport!

Woohoo! We just added Mount Tamalpais State Park to ParkWatchReport. There are lots of trails to explore online, thanks to the California State Parks GIS folks. Mount Tamalpais is a major San Francisco Bay Area landmark rising from the Pacific

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New Feature for Admins: Add a Map to a Task

Add a Map to a Task: Now, when you create a new Task from a Report, the location coordinates from the Report will show on a map in the Create Task screen. If there are no coordinates, or if you

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Holiday gifts: New fixes and improvements

Today we released some small improvements, and started working on some big ones! These early holiday gifts are for Admins, only: If you make a task on a report, when you view a task, there’s a link to the related report automatically added

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We’ve added Orange County Parks & Trails… and more!

Our latest releases of the website and apps bring several improvements and new parks. Orange County area parks and trails have been added (22!), along with Chino Hills state park. Chino Hills alone has 30 new trails. Our App platform provider

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Updates and Fixes…

Recently our app publisher made some platform changes which caused the Report image upload to fail on some devices. We’ve been working with them to solve the problem, and expect results soon. In the mean time we’ve been working to re-engineer

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The Town of Plymouth, MA has a clever way to get people to use ParkWatchReport…

If you’re patient with this video, and get past the story setup (the first 45 seconds or so), you’ll get a chuckle from the clever way Plymouth Network of Open Space Friends got the word out on ParkWatchReport.  

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New features and improvements for Admins

If you’re a admin, managing reports just got a little easier. We’ve added a “Delete” button to the Reports listing page. But deleted reports are not gone forever… they’re just “marked as deleted”. This is a bit like using

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Updates! Change is Good.

Ok, we understand that change can drive you nuts, but it can be good, too! We’re always working to make our sites and apps more usable. That’s why you might notice some changes, today. 1. The sliding “Info” panel is

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Northern California has long had a way to report trail issues: It created a wonderful opportunity! In 2014, we set out to make a new site at that would serve similar purposes, but throughout the U.S., not just

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