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App Menu Changes

If you looked at our App in the last couple days, you might’ve noticed more changes… Along with a few new parks. We’re preparing to add parks, park districts and trails in every state. To keep the menus short and

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Recent updates and new parks on PWR

Today we added the Backbone Trail. This is a National Recreation Trail through the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California. It runs through many state parks and has beautiful vistas of the mountains and Pacific. In addition, we’ve added several

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Latest Updates to PWR – New Report Form

This morning we made a major update to ParkWatchReport to introduce our new, simple, super-fast form. Filling out forms on a web browser on a computer is pretty easy. There’s a keyboard, plenty of room on the screen, it’s easy

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Mount Tamalpais now in ParkWatchReport!

Woohoo! We just added Mount Tamalpais State Park to ParkWatchReport. There are lots of trails to explore online, thanks to the California State Parks GIS folks. Mount Tamalpais is a major San Francisco Bay Area landmark rising from the Pacific

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Holiday gifts: New fixes and improvements

Today we released some small improvements, and started working on some big ones! These early holiday gifts are for Admins, only: If you make a task on a report, when you view a task, there’s a link to the related report automatically added

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We’ve added Orange County Parks & Trails… and more!

Our latest releases of the website and apps bring several improvements and new parks. Orange County area parks and trails have been added (22!), along with Chino Hills state park. Chino Hills alone has 30 new trails. Our App platform provider

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Latest App Update – Improved Navigation

We did a series of small updates over the last few days… Now, when you first bring up the App on your iPhone or Android, you’ll see icons for each of our Parks or Regions, as well as links to

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New Image Upload Feature

Today we rolled out an improved image upload on the “Report” feature of our apps. Instead of adding images to the editor, which was dependent on the editor’s limited abilities, now there is a drag’n’drop or click-to-upload feature that works

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