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Diane Spicer is the author of the blog which contains a plethora of information specifically for the outdoorsy adventurous woman.  If you are new or not so new to the hiking scene and curious about staying safe, how gear performs, where to go, and you want advice from a woman who has been there and done that, Hiking-For-Her should be your first choice. 

Diane has been doing research on all things hiking for her own knowledge and so she can pass it on to others.  Let Diane’s experience guide you in your decision making.  The gear that is available and all claiming to be the best can be overwhelming.  Whether it’s a day hike or a multiple day backpacking trip you will most likely be clothed.  Women have unique needs when it comes to clothing.  She has learned the hard way that just because something claims to be designed especially for female hikers doesn’t mean it performs for female hikers.  You can save yourself from the same fate by reading her gear reviews. 

From my experience hiking and working as a carpenter there is nothing that can make or break your day more than what is on your feet.  Diane provides a thorough guide to hiking boot selection.  You will be extremely glad you read and followed her detailed advice.  Especially if you have already tried on your own and found out just how painful a badly fitting pair of boots are half way into a ten mile hike. 

Maybe your idea of a perfect hike is when there is nobody around for miles or maybe you would love to have someone join you.  Hiking-For-Her can help you either way.  Solo hiking can be a daunting activity for some but Diane’s tips for solo hiking will take away the guess work in terms of what is needed for a safe and successful solo hike.  Diane can help you find a pal to hike with by using a simple process called Hike With Me.  Men or women can use Hike With Me to find a suitable hiking partner no matter what their motivation is or what their goals are. 

Are you not finding the answer to your question?  No problem just use the contact link to send your question to Diane and she will answer it as soon as she can.  Diane also has a Facebook page at, a newsletter at, and an author page on Amazon at

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