Latest App Update – Improved Navigation

We did a series of small updates over the last few days…

  1. Now, when you first bring up the App on your iPhone or Android, you’ll see icons for each of our Parks or Regions, as well as links to our wiki and home page. And, of course, “Report from Anywhere!”.
  2. The Report form has an image upload box, just above the map. I mentioned this in the previous post, but there are improvements:
    1. It only accepts jpg, png, and gif files, so you won’t accidentally upload a huge movie file and wait forever.
    2. You can cancel and delete images if you grabbed the wrong one.
    3. On Android and desktop browsers, it can recognize the location where the photo was taken, and zoom the map (Apple seems to block this as a security measure).
  3. On the Report Map, the “Locate Me” button should now timeout if it takes too long, and put up a warning message. I plan improvements on this, but it’s a bit better than waiting forever. This can occur if you’re not getting a GPS signal, or your GPS is off, or there’s any problem with your mobile provider’s network.
  4. If you use a web browser to access a ParkWatchReport client site, like or, and your web browser is narrower than 768 pixels, it will guess you’re using your mobile device, and suggest downloading the App. Optionally, you can switch to the mobile view if you just want to get something done, like file a report, quickly (but you’ll lose the menu to switch Parks, which we’ll fix soon). But if you’re going to use a phone or tablet, I do recommend downloading the App.
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