Latest Updates to PWR – New Report Form

This morning we made a major update to ParkWatchReport to introduce our new, simple, super-fast form.

Filling out forms on a web browser on a computer is pretty easy. There’s a keyboard, plenty of room on the screen, it’s easy to mouse around… but that same form wasn’t so hot for mobile.

Also, over time, we noticed most of the fields on our old form weren’t being used.

So, we streamlined it.

You’ll be amazed how quick it is… even if you’re out on a mountaintop with 2 bars and only a little battery left. There’s less to read, less to type, and it’s even easy to file multiple reports.

And if you’ve got photos to upload, and you’re afraid they won’t go through, just tap the “Send Later” button. You’ll receive an email with a link, which will take you to an upload screen. You can wait until you have a stronger signal, plugged into a charger, or even until you’re back home (up to 3 days, but the sooner the better).

There’s also a way to log in on the Mobile App. This will make it easier to file reports, and we’ll be working on features that take advantage of that, in the coming weeks.

We’re working on improving PWR all the time… so if you have an idea, a concern or a question, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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