New feature for Admins: Assign Tasks to Volunteers, Vendors, Agencies and Staff

We’ve added several new Roles for Users. Now, along with Registered Users and Admin Users, we’ve added Volunteers and Vendors, which can be assigned Tasks, External Agencies, who can be assigned Reports via Tasks, and Staff who can do most of what Admins do, but do not receive all Admin notifications.

Admins and Staff can now Invite users. Users receive an email inviting them to register, and their assigned Role is automatically added when they complete the process. Those users with Roles can see Tasks on their Profile. Admins and Staff can assign Tasks for them. If a user has the Role External Agency they can view an assigned report. This makes it easy to share Reports with trusted agencies with adjacent or joint jurisdictional areas.

There is a screencast tour on your Profile if you are an Admin, explaining the process further.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on these new features!

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