New features and improvements for Admins

If you’re a admin, managing reports just got a little easier.

We’ve added a “Delete” button to the Reports listing page. But deleted reports are not gone forever… they’re just “marked as deleted”. This is a bit like using your trashcan on your PC or Mac. If you need to restore, you can do that, too. Just click the “View Deleted Reports” link just below “About” (top-left). You’ll see a listing of all your reports that are marked deleted. You can restore by clicking the <i class=”glyphicon glyphicon-retweet” style=”display:inline;”></i>  “recycle” icon. There is a link to get back to the current reports, right where the link to deleted reports was: easy!

In addition, we’ve improved the sort order on most of the listing views so the most recent is at the top.

Finally, we improved the instructions (top-right) on these pages to be more useful.

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