New Image Upload Feature

Screen Shot of New Upload BoxToday we rolled out an improved image upload on the “Report” feature of our apps. Instead of adding images to the editor, which was dependent on the editor’s limited abilities, now there is a drag’n’drop or click-to-upload feature that works on all devices more reliably.

This new field on the Report form is just above the map… so if you upload a photo with EXIF data, we can extract the Latitude and Longitude and automatically position the map. Unfortunately, iPhones & iPads are blocked from using this feature by Apple, in the interest of security.

You can upload multiple photos, and the data used for the map will come from the last photo containing EXIF data.

For Administrators, the completed report now has thumbnails of each photo, with a “click-to-enlarge” feature (commonly called a “lightbox” among web developers). This appears just above the map in the “Location” area of the report.

In this release we made another of other small improvements which makes things a little nicer, quicker, and easier. We continue to release new features as we complete them to make ParkWatchReport better as quickly as possible. Feel free to give us feedback!


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