ParkWatchReport is Accepting Reports

El Dorado County, CA has a challenge: Keeping track of a large trail system and several parks with a very small staff.

So they adopted and began accepting reports November 1st, 2014.

Allowing the public to report any issues or incidents in the Parks & Trails system through ParkWatchReport means all the information is gathered at one location, easily accessible. If a report comes in by phone or email, it can be entered by staff. Tasks can be assigned and ongoing progress on issues can be tracked through a secure commenting system. At any point, the reports can be exported to Excel for sorting and statistical analysis.

The public can carry business-card size information cards with reminders of how to use the system. QR Codes will be added to signs along the trails, to be scanned by smartphones, quickly bringing up the website for reporting, where cell signals are available. Alternatively, users can use the the system before and after their visit on their laptop or desktop computers or tablets, such as the iPad. A mobile app is under development.

The website at has trail maps, park boundaries, and information on how to find and enjoy the park system. The interactive maps can be explored by panning and zooming in to view geographic details. In addition, news, events and alerts are listed on the site for each park, trail or trailhead on the maps. This information can be easily maintained and improved by Parks & Trails staff.

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