ParkWatchReport Receives First Reports: Exciting!

When you’ve spent months with code and visual design and presentations to decision-makers, media and the public, it is a really wonderful milestone to see the first interactions with your product.

El Dorado County, CA is officially launching at January 1st, but the “soft-launch” is underway, and on Sunday, December 22nd, we got our first report!

And, exactly as designed, a report was received, a work order was written, the problem reported was promptly repaired, and life continued on with a minimum of fuss. In other words, the outcome of our monumental effort – our hundreds of hours of programming – was barely a ripple in the day of El Dorado County Parks & Trails. And that’s how our app should be: completely ordinary with no muss and fuss. We’re the plumbing for information to flow from the public to the folks who fix things.

It seems almost appropriate: The problem that was reported was a continuously running toilet in Pioneer Park.

It’s all about good plumbing.

– Parker the ParkWatchReport Owl

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