Squashing Bugs

Of course, you don’t see bugs until you go to demo the software! Thanks to our intrepid marketing staff, we found some new ones and squashed them yesterday.

  1. People who typed in a full URL like http://oc.parkwatchreport.com were incorrectly getting redirected to https://oc.parkwatchreport.comparkwatchreport.com! This was a server configuration problem that seemed to come from some recent updates. The whole point was to just redirect people from http to https for security. It’s all fixed, now.
  2. We noticed some descriptive text was no longer true: In the area that described how to use the map interface on the home page we referred to the ‘right column’ which is now the slide-out window with the compass icon. Some other wording was also unclear. It should now be much improved. We also noticed instructions on the Report that said you could post a report anonymously. But we require an email address, which isn’t really anonymous.
  3. We added some sponsors for Orange County. Be sure to thank them!

Note that a new, simpler report is in the works, which will make it easier and faster to fill out while you’re out in the wilds with a low cell signal, numb fingers, and a rabid porcupine is stalking you. We originally just ported the web form to mobile, but mobile devices really deserve their own interface design! After a year of receiving Reports from mobile devices, we now know some fields just never get used, some drive people nuts, some should be filled automagically, and some take too long to load.

Be assured we’re working on it, thanks for your patience and feedback!

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