Updates and Fixes…

Recently our app publisher made some platform changes which caused the Report image upload to fail on some devices. We’ve been working with them to solve the problem, and expect results soon. In the mean time we’ve been working to re-engineer our mobile software to be more resilient to these types of changes.

Today we pushed a couple small changes which will make life a little easier for Admins. Admins can now stay logged in between sessions, making it easier to respond to support emails and quickly access the publishing tools. A reminder, however: It is important to log out when not using PWR on any computer or tablet that is not secure.

In the next week we expect to complete more Admin features, such as supporting Vendor users and sending reports to Vendors and Admins from different clients.

Summer’s over, lots of changes and new Trails, Parks, and Places, are coming. Stay tuned.

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