Updates! Change is Good.

Ok, we understand that change can drive you nuts, but it can be good, too! We’re always working to make our sites and apps more usable. That’s why you might notice some changes, today.

1. The sliding “Info” panel is gone. Now information about places has combined¬†with the news. The news is renamed “About”. Click or tap “About” and you’ll see all the info about a place and then the news, either to the right or below, depending on the size of your device.

Why? We heard from users, especially on small devices, that having that panel slide out as an overlay was visually confusing.

2. Pictures line up a little better, and don’t overlap on the News/About layouts. In the news listings, the first photo is always at the top.

Why? Our web developer knows how to make HTML work. Our clients… maybe not so¬†much. So we were finding pictures didn’t always look right. It isn’t perfect yet, but we’ll get there.

3. If you look at our web apps with a browser, but on a smaller device (maybe you don’t have the Mobile App, yet?) we put up a suggestion to, optionally, use our mobile version or download the app. Now, if you view that, it won’t bother you again for a couple days, or until you clear your browser cookies.

4. If you’re a fan of Folsom Lake’s trails, be sure to check out our new trail maps on the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area site. Remember, you can click on a marker and drill down to more detailed maps and location-specific news, events, and alerts.

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